Hello, with lips parched

HelloWith lips parched, bleeding from a life time of pleading, I return to you.

Not for myself, but those I love.

The lives seeded, those needed, each heart I seek blessings from above.

Casting wants on needs raging fires, hopes aromas heavenward lifting.

I thank you.

Gathering this human strength, bolstered by heaven, without we are weak.

Tenderly kneeling to seek, seek your will and it to keep.

Splashing in your fountains, youthful wish is abounding.

Giving, not taking, our old ways forsaking.

I thank you.

With each soul you win, together, all now friends.

Together sing of new praise and blessings.

Waiting for all pains to end.

In your service, here we begin.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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