passing time

Whump, Whump, Whump, Across these asphalt trails rolling rubber drums.

Whump, Whump, Whump,

Night passes in flashes between trees and stumps.

Whump, Whump, Whump,

Slowing, avoiding sprinting furry forms, eyes glowing.

Whump, Whump, Whump,

Chasing stars heavenly paths for day breaks grays.

Whump, Whump, Whump

One hand caressing the wheel, the other, her knee, sharing loves thrill.

Whump, Whump, Whump,

Passing time in Mother Earth, driving with my love.

Whump, Whump, Whump,

Another midnight run, finding our wonderful crazy fun.

Whump, Whump, Whump.



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