hello, I felt your reply

HelloI felt your reply today as I stood in the way, but, I’ve returned.

Seeking this power from which my blessings are dealt.

Understanding what only you can reveal to me.

Previewed a failure, till your hands take mine, for all to see.

I thank you.

Should the earth move so suddenly.

Each time your word us fulfilled.

Each time you breath hope into a frustrated world.

Should our world quake if we mistake your actions, our own.

I thank you.

Being consistent in our walk.

Taking your word to heart.

Stilling the nemesis of earthly destruction.

I thank you.

Weary grow these lids.

Lashes fluttering in time with a sleepy heart.

Apart from hope, nothing is certain.

In you, in you, all things are possible, in you. 

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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