hello, growing intolerant 

HelloGrowing intolerant of arrogance and ignorance, I’m back.

Seeing my own self worth plummet while dealing with the underbelly of society.

I know, yes I know, all are your creation.

But it seems, it seems that so many skipped the brains and common sense lines.

I thank you.

Knowing I too fall short in many area.

I frustrate others.

Grating agains they raw nerves.

I thank you.

For having patience with me.

As I watch my love heal.

As I listen to her question. 

As we both gain understanding.

I thank you.

For taking my anger and turning it.

Turning it into a positive moment for us. 

Us three, you, her and me.

For those who share I the walk with your trinity.

I thank you.

Now, my burden grows lighter.

The fires, become coals.

The winds, but breezes.

As sleep, you offer me.

I thank you.

On this night, from her, wildfires remains.

For this coming day, give her new strength I pray.

As we sleep, renew her mind.

With mornings call, refresh her spirit.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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