hello, reticent to admit

HelloReticent to admit my own depression, I return to you.

Reviewing pages of pros and poetry, I find between many lines the oppression.

Across the flooding profusion of emotions confusion, it’s there.

Just beneath the skin, burned, bruised and calloused, quite visible to all but me.

I thank you.

Reality returns me to my knees.

Today, literally, kneeling along a surging traffic filled byway.

Fear, fear filled this trial tested heart.

A volume of air from a passing semi, lifted my from the ground.

I thank you.

I kept thinking about my love.

You, your words of peace and strength filled my mind.

Never before, has something seemed such a struggle.

Then I recalled her continual battle.

I thank you.

What reason have I to cry.

What could be so tormenting as her suffering.

Yet, my pain is not here.

My strength is not so great.

I thank you.

Grow me in this trial.

Carry me along each mile.

Renew what bleeds away.

Fill me continually with your loving truth.

I thank you.

Please, no more blowouts.

No more sheared off lug nuts.

And yes, no more cancer.

No more pain, please just a gentle rain, no storms for now.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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