My ex

Before I knew.I was Wed to you.

Followed by three, daughters.

Plus you and me.

Love knew us not.

Comfort, need and want, tried us a lot.

Each little face I love.

Grown, children of their own, gifts from above.

Longing, remain.

To share this love as well as a name.

Anger, rules your taste.

Bitter from our departing haste.

Once you smiled as I spoke.

Now on each word you choke.

Which claims the blame.

Neither and both the same.

Forgiveness I seek.

Will you turn the other cheek.

Just once to know.

The comfort of my child’s love as her I hold.

Each one deserved better.

If only I’d spoken sooner, not sent a letter.

Apart each has grown. 

From those I once had known.

From a far, a father I watch.

Living vicariously though social taunts.

They, me dreams willing haunt.

Had there been another way.

Would they split time with me today.

As it is, this bitter pill.

Claims hope from my window sill.

Still, there us a chance.

It borders on your saying yes.

Yes to each, the lively three.

Enjoy your father, as well as me.

Wandering now if these words I’ll share.

Once read, will you care. 

Forgiveness I seek.

Often, laying stupid things at your feet.

Walking across this heart you continue.

I pray these days you will not rue.

Their choices freely made.

Accepting this life, we cannot change.

Still for each my live is true.

Once I said this to you.

Then I meant it.

I didn’t live it.

Forgive me it.



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