hello, her pathway narrows and turns

HelloHer pathway narrows and turns at a stop, here, I return to you.

Not avoiding this latest turn, but embracing its approach.

Hugging the inside curve, swinging wide for the victory flag.

Feeding, fueling the excitement, anxiety, hope, we move together closing in.

I thank you.

Fuels challenge, feed by frustration and concern, our engines sputter.

Coughing on the exhaust of passing participants in this infernal race.

Prayerful pit stops, retread, refuel and in-vigor our faith machine.

Supercharging each biblical injector with peace ingenue red to succeed.

I thank you.

That, that our race never ends.

Each lap along part strewn paths reveals your gifts to negotiate this trial.

Festooned with Cheering and jeering spectators and detractors.

Outpacing others, with similar needs, who fail to head your offerings.

I thank you.

For each encouraging word.

For whipping the grime of life from my road worn goggles.

For, airing up sagging tires to venture another lap.

For, your blessings that pile on with each trip around this track of life.

I thank you.

We all win.

We, who accept your loving guidance.

No matter how fast our chosen vehicle of life moves.

We win, in the end, we all win.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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