hello, haggard, persistent and wanting

HelloHaggard, persistent and wanting, I return to you.

Not a man, wisdom bread.

Rather, emotions child.

Spirit filled, your will revealed in our trials and blessings.

I thank you.

Once, before your words my heart filled.

Once, before these actions my soul chilled.

Once, before, fear, this blood stilled.

Once, before I knew no peace, still.

I thank you.

More than hope fills me now.

Moored safely, this soul in faiths harbor remains.

Mostly memories, of life before Christ.

Masterfully crafted, your love, and healing my wife.

I thank you.

Standing in the heat of others rhetoric.

Standing in the fields, fallow and untended.

Standing, before angry skies.

Standing, so that others need not die.

I thank you.

Fill me continually with your will.

Fostering hope, for others to instill.

Framing a desire, to build on solid faith.

Fathoming unrelenting challenges as I seek your glorious face.

I thank you.

Not of this world, apart I stand.

Not a child of hate, apart I stand.

Not pained by desires of flesh, apart I stand.

Not restricted by others expectations, apart I stand.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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