hello, smiling, crying, as she leaves

HelloSmiling, crying, as she leaves for her first hair cut in a year, I thank you.

My hands once, in wildfires angry wake, trimmed the strands.

Shorn for cancers game, her smile would never fade.

Hurting, longing, it finally came.

I thank you.

Pride is not the word.

But here I’ll use it first, to describe my loves first cut.

Shorter than before, still its full and and robust.

Pride, in her carriage, pride for strength.

I thank you.

My love, she still struggles.

My love, she knows the work will continue.

My love, longing for her first stylist appointment in over a year.

My love, I’m proud of you, can you not hear my heart call out.

I thank you.

Lord you know her heart.

Lord you know she’s done her part.

Lord let this final chapter in the cure be smooth.

Lord please, let her heal, laugh and be renewed.

I thank you.

Once again your blessings show.

On locks growing from a cancer less garden.

Time to share and be normal again.

Sitting in her friends chair.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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