August 6, 1945

     August 6, 1945Fearfully bright burns the sun over Japan.

Born in a trinity valley, forged but man.

Searing life’s breath, lifting the flesh in a flash.

Years in the making, gone in a flash.

Glowing, knowing, it lingers from out past.

Evil, hateful schemers seeking liberty.

Facing their treachery, blinded by it all.

Time passes, the memory remains.

Two fell from heaven, bringing hell as they came.

Reminding us, war is from hell.

Tolling, praying none other need ring the atoms bell.

Lingering still the reasons for use.

Millions saved, a hundred thousand lost.

Value the spirit freedom brings.

Liberty and democracy, not tyranny and shame.

August morning, before breakfast came.

A flight crew left a package, for an enemy who’s bill was due.

Now we are friends, allies against hate.

Together, we stand against tyranny and terror, beating before the gate.

Our memories, scorched by the reasons some died.

Forever etched on us as a nation, for those lost we cry.

Praying her swirling mass never again unleashed.

Smashing the Atom, should remain a mark of peace.

For those who fought, for those who died, peace endures.

And we didn’t unleash a nuclear tide.

Humbled in loss, proudly we cry.

For the sun, brought to earth, so many had not die..



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