Hello, when least expected 

HelloWhen least expected it arrives with a crack, I’m back.

Listening for others reactions.

Sitting, unable to work, distracted.

Wondering if the choices made, are right.

I thank you.

As your peace, prayerfully descends on my heart.

Thus agitated mind swims with each new heavenly sign.

Hearing hopes words on others lips.

My own, once quiet, release praising clips.

I thank you.

Not for what by why you me chose.

Not for the blessing, but the trials which arose.

Not for the peace, but the chaos fear sows.

Not for myself, but my loves healing that grows.

I thank you.

For every night she holds me tight.

For the song she hums, it’s a part of our life.

For the time with the children, laughing, what a sight.

For each breaths moment, hearts fluttering beat, and your guiding light.

I thank you.

Oh, and amen



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