Hello, under a watchful son

HelloUnder a watchful Son, living a dream, I return to you.

Grateful for each new sunrise.

Enjoying all the nights blessings.

Amazed you would choose to love us.

I thank you.

Not since my youngest days.

Standing, tearfully, listening to your call.

Struggling with needs and wants.

Knowing, what each costs.

I thank you.

Each cell in her beautiful body calls out.

Healed from cancers countless blows.

Still, trials keep us on our toes.

Your praise every fiber now shouts.

I thank you.

Going into new struggles.

Facing temptations countless tussles.

Accepting what you will change.

Growing with things you have arranged.

I thank you.

Take from me, from us this fear.

Removing anxieties ugly rear.

So blatantly mooning us as we climb.

Steadily heavenward singing of peace’s time.

I thank you.

Let no one say.

Your love deserted us on any of these days.

All along, your presence keeps us strong.

Though we step into failures remnants.

This path, flowers with each travelers fertile passing.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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