hello, looking over my shoulder


Looking over my shoulder at yesterday’s blessings, I return to you.

Amazed at what has been, and astounded by today’s possibilities.

Regardless my reckless wanderings.

A spirit fills this heart with peace so great, I seem to fly over life’s chasms.

I thank you.

When morning a loss, or fearing change, you came.

As others sought our demise, you came.

With monetary struggles growing, you came.

As flesh gave into cancer, hearts weakened to stress, you came.

I thank you.

Here, yes I realized you were hear all the time.

But, I couldn’t see you for my own anxieties.

Blinded by strife and fear, yet you were so near.

Calling from my darkness, as the light filled my eyes, and this heart.

I thank you.

Lest I ever forget.

Stray from your sheltering arms.

Tumble from this pedestal of faith.

Grow pride over reason.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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