hello, afraid of this darkness

HelloAfraid of this darkness that gathers around my heart, I return to you.

Knowing your holiness carries away each care in radiant beams of hope.

Still, between slumber so fears and mornings rewards, this darkness lingers.

Forgive my fearful human heart, as you finish her last trying part.

I thank you.

From the start, your words guid our path.

Strong are the hands holding these tired souls.

Not fear, but weariness, fills these human frames.

Knowing why you came, seeing her, hearing this faith, this darkness you’ve tamed.

I thank you.

Over me, washes the days anxieties, caught in frustrations riptide, I founder.

Hands pull me from waves I seemingly cling too.

As deep water surrounds me, it’s downward pull grasps my spirit.

Around treading legs, under spread arms, lifted from depressions depths by heavenly charms,

I thank you.

A friend stands by our side, family holds us in prayer.

Others we know not, your victory share.

This oppressions of cancers, flees before your wildfires approach.

Taking with it fears which we could not cope.

I thank you.

Before your last steps, each ringing on hall stones.

Surrounded by living waters flowing around this home.

Resting on feet, scarred and tired.

Hope fills this souls faith vacuum, renewing our struggling desires.

I thank you.

 Oh, and amen. 



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