Hello, Deep in your words

HelloDeep in your words, learning from each page, I return to you.

Each passage refill sa depleted heart.

Weakened in struggles, renewed in verse.

Discerning new meanings from chapters long ago read, again read.

I thank you.

Understanding as I mature.

Your will is not always for me to understand.

Still, mine in yours, hand in hand we stand.

Standing together for those who cannot.

I thank you.

Never so blessed as to feel a loved ones kiss.

Touched by willing lips and glad hands.

Standing near those in need.

gripped by a babies first grasp.

I thank you

Wandering far from the pain of recent trials.

Fearing not the growing time miles. 

Tasting victories gained at bloods cost.

Breathing heavens air under an angles Chorus.

I thank you.

Short grow the days in the world.

Behind us, leaving wisdoms pearls.

Ground in the muck of earthly derision.

polished by wit and heavenly wisdom.

I thank you.

Bared to a world unwilling.

Willing to accept these storms for your sake.

Crying, hurting, just the same.

Learning, it is not a game.

I thank you.

Hold me know.

I’m not alone anymore.

Crying for those I cannot help.

Helping those who cannot cry.

I thank you

Oh, and Amen



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