Hello, destitute and emotionally drained

HelloDestitute and emotionally drained, I’m back.

Back to calloused knees seeking.

Seeking your peace for my love.

Love, for my best friend.

I thank you.

You, carry us through each trial.

Trial of self worth and worldly denial.

Denial, laced with the deceiver’s lies.

Lies, that halt healing and hope deny.

I thank you.

You, strengthen us with each breath.

Breath of prayer and promises kept.

Kept by you, before we even knew.

Knew your love and faith in us so true.

I thank you.

You, know our hearts.

Hearts struggling with these challenges.

Challenges, so heart wrenching and painful.

Painful, but easily defeated with prayer.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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