clambering dreams

Passing along concrete paths, between men’s skyward clambering dreams.Seeing myself passing, between lifeless ape rations of desires.

Thoughts coalesce, pooling in my minds deepest recess.

Need overcomes my rambling ways, into a portal I stray.

Passing gatherings of libation induced revelers, sedated to my approach.

Stepping between shrouds pulled, seeking rest from this pressure within.

Stumbling along crated and bottled wares till at last the door I press in here.

Paused for release, I notice these feet, be-stalled and fair.

Reluctantly releasing my hold on a door to your private domain.

Watching for signs soon this room and relief I’ll gain.

From between the lintel posts, raven haired,freckled nose your form arose.

Many excuses I offer for my untimely intrusion, each you wave off.

Surely fate finds us here standing in our growing discourse.

Wanting a lifetime to see this dear face, now standing before her urges race.

Reminded of the mist which surrounded our first meeting.

Sharing thoughts of our continued passing and reasons.

Bantering for times, ringing memories chimes, all the while, filling my heart with your face.

Leaving no room for time it to erase, long has this moment been desired.

Of you I’ll never grow tired, seeing your thoughts as your eyes fire and cool.

Oh, what a fool, to think one could possess such a jewel.

Not desire, but my own skyward spire, lofty does this heart post you.

Not this you desire, only words of intellect, with these you do conspire.

Ringing in olden ways, swimming through summer days.

Crafting images of lost loves and troubles till reality bubbles.

Called by another, seated, at libations table, your gracious parting words.

None so willingly heard, but still quite absurd as I rush to the room you’ve released.

Flush with release, standing, thinking of how strange for us to finally meet.

Of dreams you are bent, nights, fingers fetched, still you are real.

Enough for another to steal, from long held dreams of mine.

What will befall this reality for us all, songs upon your lips, only remains as snippets.

Raven locks about your face in grace fall, chasing cloth from barren shoulders they fall.

Blue as sky, dark as night, eyes piercing this heart, stirring some inner fright.

Tanned flesh in speckled rows, it finds me staring at your nose.

First love, found again, from childhood you ran, Dawn the night is your, ours to delight.

Untouched, this dream of second sight, thinking of you in my deepest night.

Until I sleep again, running through this immortal land.

Till then, to see you again.



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