hello, enamored with her

HelloEnamored with her growing confidence, I return to you.

Simply in awe at her improving health.

Though, shouldn’t be, for your actions I see in her and me.

If others could only know this love we share.

I thank you.

Once, in night’s fear filled and frustrated, clinging to you I found.

Found what was there all along, that your love fills and surrounds.

Surrounds and comforts, feeds and fills us with peace.

Peace, surpassing this worlds pains and fearful refrains. 

I thank you.

As a child I knew you.

You, who formed me in my mothers heart.

Heart, beating with the faith, they as a child did start.

Starting to share, only now, with all who’ll listen how much you care.

I thank you.

One more hour is all I ask.

A sing to tell this truth to those who in this life I pass.

No greater peace can you know.

Than this, from Christ, my blessings flow.

I thank you.

Even as she suffered and I cried.

I found you there by our side.

Not for her sin, but to witness and win.

I see know why my heart nearly died.

I thank you.

Give me this day.

Let me here say.

Your love for all I pray.

All our demons one words slays.

I thank you.

Oh, and amen



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