hello, once again from the darkness


Once again from the darkness, I return to you.

Seeking direction, understanding and renewal.

Once again, doubt lingers, and festers my faith.

Stubbornly understanding is drummed into this cranium..

I thank you.

Not for retiring what I was.

Not for the miles under a scorching sun.

Not for the fear, in night’s frozen by sin.

Not for the fact you have for each forgiven men, this man.

I thank you.

Why, must it be humbling before I see.

Why, must it take stripping pride from me.

Why, must I watch so many suffering.

Why, must my love, cancers scars continually battling.

I thank you.

Once before I knew you so well.

Once before I’d seen your miracles, I fell.

Once before, struggling and denied.

Once before, I loved you, my heart died.

I thank you.

Night claims light with great liberty.

Night fears only loves growing light.

Night in hearts, defeats sanities dwindling humanity.

Night without your hope, berates faiths growing might.

I thank you.

For had we not your power in healing found.

For had we not in others seen your blessings abound.

For had we seen this fear fumbled away.

For had we not learned, your love returns majesties day.

I thank you.

Accepting what we could not know.

Accepting what we could not change.

Accepting what without you, here we could not go.

Accepting what others shared, for us, and them, you arranged.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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