Hello, hampered in self denial

HelloHampered in self denial, I return to you.

Avoiding prides pitfalls I fall prey to self effacement.

When most my love needs my adulation and affirmation.

Kneeling, your guidance sought, your will accepted, to her I return.

I thank you.

Never has this walk been more difficult than now.

Regardless the struggle created in my hearts passionate failures.

Regardless the streams of attempts made for success.

Never have I known such heart ache amid jubilation.

I thank you.

Growing stronger, though still easy to exhaust.

Growing wiser, though easy to confuse.

Growing willing to continue, though reluctant to return.

Growing in her walk with you, though struggling still.

I thank you.

Once again she finds a bright desk and new employment.

Once again she here calks and returns to what she loves.

Once again she steps into the fray.

Once again, reluctant, till this trial is finished, she still returns.

I thank you.

Grant her, and I, the strength.

Grant her, and I, the understanding.

Grant her, and I, the souls healing.

Grant her, and I, the peace of your love revealing.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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