Hello, riding around Texas


Riding around Texas back roads with my love, I return to you.

Though never truly apart, our discussions are a must.

This need I have to understand, you created for this man.

Smiling as I ask, you redirect my questions with your own.

I thank you

Wisdom comes with time.

Time is filled with trials.

Stands to reason, the more trying the season.

The wiser this child becomes.

I thank you

Understanding, this for me is always hard.

Told young some services would not appreciate my questioning.

Watching others as the light of understanding sparks from their eyes.

Wanting the same for me, and mine.

I thank you

Standing by my love in her trials.

Realizing they are ours.

Her pains real, mine seem equally, though still.

Wisdom fills her eyes, her face fills with a smile.

I thank you

Where you take us from here I cannot guess.

Trying, limited at best.

I understand, it is to be trials for this woman and man.

Forgive us when we stumble, for we have truly been made humble.

I thank you

Take us now where we are needed.

Gives us the words so faith can be seeded.

Take from us anxieties treasures.

Give us your peace and loves leisure.

I thank you

Oh and amen



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