Hello, hungry for your peace


Hungry for your peace, devoured by uncertainty, I return to you.

Trampled by eager feet, ground by passing heals, clinging to faith.

Unfazed, though reluctant, for our rewards abound for us willing to carry on.

Holding her self tall, and defiant, battling cancer, my love, my hero.

I thank you

Once, her face filled with hurt, now hope’s returned the fire to her eyes.

Once,  anguish cried end her face, now smiles of success soften her cheeks.

Once, denied her feminine locks by wildfire knocks, stealthily curls return.

Once, a grey and depressed, now focused and outspoken others she helps.

I thank you

Grant me this strength which in her I see.

Grant me this peace that grows in her steadily.

Grant me this hope, which rewards her courage well.

Grant me this great faith, so others of your majesty we can  tell.

I thank you.

Oh, and amen.



One thought on “Hello, hungry for your peace

  1. Surviving breast cancer solidified my believe evermore that God Almighty is Sovereign! It is His strength that holds one together during trying times. He shows His mighty power through cancer survivors to bring glory to Himself! I praise the Lord for His great mercy and for His ever present help in my time of need.

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