Hello, in a hurry


In a hurry to learn the answers, I return to you.

rushing between willing and wanting.

adjusting to your way of understanding.

behind the reasons i thought i knew, still.

I thank you

within our last chat your silence filled me,

stemming my impatient pride.

Beneath leafy rafters of this open cathedral.

Kneeling on a pine and straw covered floor.

I thank you

No closer to your heart can I be than now.

Bedeviled by earthly wants.

To your sweet mountain trails I return.

Crossing valleys in prayer, breathing golden air.

I thank you

Giving me your wants and desires.

Seeing her healing, lingering results of wildfires.

Scoured for its removal, willingly offering her approval.

Closer to a remodeled form she smiles, and cries.

I thank you.

Tonight, renew my will.

Tonight, take from me frustrations chill.

Tonight, linger till morning with us.

Tonight, allow us to, over you make a fuss.

I thank you

Oh, and Amen


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