Tenderly tracing the fragrance of your hair.

Exhaling each events trace while in your eyes I stare.

Caressing your soft cheeks as your face follows my touch.

Smiles fill your lips and eyes with gentle sighs.

My face gently resting on your outstretched thighs.

Your hands pass inquisitive fingers through my fraying strands.

Night sweeps us into her arms, revealing each other’s charms.

Breath, heavy and rhythmic, the sweet sweat of memory grows in the evening.

Wrapped in arms, bundled by twisted slumber clothes more than morning arose.

Smiling your hands fumble with the shade.

Turning night back from days growing charade.

Holding onto memories if night, avoiding days struggling plight.

Entangled in amorous liaisons, energetically sustained.

Friction coupled with passion, this is all so plain.

Mumbling words we giggle and snuggle, each whispering, again, yes again.



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