Hello, crazed by frustrations\]<


Crazed by frustrations failures, I return to you.

Lingering with memories, wanting to creat new.

Stung by civilizations incivility, angry with my own actions.

Wanting, for a day, peace’s presence to in each heart gain traction.

I thank you

Not since the first fears revealed in a sterile room.

Not since a first rude blade dissected her chest.

Not since wildfire first scorched cancers best.

Not since radiation the last cells did divest.

I thank you

For since each event

For since each hope.

For since each renewal of faith.

For since you humbled me with each test.

I thank you

Each prayer I offer.

Each thought I share.

Each action I take.

Each mission I undertake.

I thank you.

Thank you, for each blessing.

Thank you, for each sleep filled night.

Thank you, for each humbling blight.

Thank you, for each revelation you share.

I thank you

Oh, and Amen



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