Hello, rushing between


Rushing between others wants and my loves needs, I return to you.

Hopefully, that these trials grow no greater, fearing sanitizes loss my greatest danger.

Knowing you stand before the gates, baring from my heart this present evil and hate.

Rummaging through memories and times, when these scrapes and bruises where only mine.

I thank you.

Thank you, for these nights, listening to her peacefully sleep.

Thank you, for the hours we walk in your word so deep.

Thank you, for the minutes we share hopes for those we care.

Thank you, for seconds slowed by loves presence.

I thank you.

For to many days, busied by frugalities claims.

For to many weeks, hunkered down in my prayer bunker.

For to many months, waiting for the all clear.

For to many years, fighting back fears tears.

I thank you.

Cancer no longer calls her body home.

Cancer cannot cause her further pain or in her roam.

Cancer’s seeds, wildfire ravaged leaving her thoughts burned as well.

Cancer’s battle, won, her heats healing I can tell.

I thank you.

For giving me peace.

For giving me rest.

For giving me wisdom.

For giving me this woman to love.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen


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