Hello, foraging through others


Foraging through others self castigations, I return to you.

Recriminations of reliability, feeding anxieties raging furnace for truth.

Not withstanding, my own doubts, unable to ferret out answers that sooth.

Still, amid growing decimation, restructuring each life’s rubble I listen and pursue.

I thank you

No more than we can bear.

Tested, then again till each thrust takes the very air.

No more than ones faith can handle.

Tried, beaten, burned like a two wicked candle.

I thank you

Words of hope should spill from these lips.

All that flows is whit less clips.

Your praise my lips escapes.

Then a prayer for one who self hates.

I thank you

For some greater purpose six times you’ve spared this life.

For some other trial you carry me nd my wife.

For others to help and treasures to earn.

For you we struggle, console and with prayers fears burn.

I thank you

Not for others trials, but our own.

Not for others fears, but these closer to home.

Not for friends unanswered prayers, but with answers we cope.

Not for unending anxiety an fears, but these that end in with peace and hope.

I thank you

Oh, and Amen



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