Helo, standing no kneeling

Standing, no kneeling, I’m back.

Back with more needs.

Needs not for me, but others.

Others whom I love, needing you.

I thank you.

Times scars erasing thoughts.

Thoughts of loves and loss.

Loss, the loss of precious memories.

Memories, of pain, going as well.

I thank you.

Burdened by a parents trials.

Trials renewed in her own struggles.

Struggles with desires and needs.

Needs, financial and perceived.

I thank you

Tossing out anxieties robes.

Robes, strangling hopes expressions.

Expressions, of faith that escape anguishing pain.

Pain for others and her self the same.

I thank you

As evening draws day to a close.

Closing her thoughts on others hurst she will not disclose.

Disclosing wishes for those battering new wars.

Wars, we bodily lose, but gain heavenly ones to use.

I thank you.

She smiles now in her sleep.

Sleep which a short time ago she couldn’t keep.

Keeping her from slumbers rest numerous pains.

Pains, now aches, but she smiles on.

I thank you

Oh, and Amen



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