Hello, to long absent from your discussions


To long absent from your discussions, I’ve returned.

Expecting nothing more than I am willing to give.

Knowing you given all, still I hesitate.

Understanding my Delisa you patiently wait, healing my mate.

I thank you

Where do you want me know, is all I can ask.

What great new trial awaits, or simple task.

How do I accept, humbled as I am by your incessant requests?

Who can forgive me for my self delayed return at this late hour, oh yes only you.

I thank you.

Sweet and fine grow the feathers of her hair as she smiles reluctantly when seen.

Fearing others can be quite mean, I protect her, even vanity, till others smile at what I see.

Such Beauty has know man known as that which fills my vision as she stands in my home.

Stripped of flesh, follicles renewed, growing fresh as her suffering her senses dulled at best.

I thank you

No greater strength can a spouse know than to see in his loves face, victories glow.

Chatter and clatter as others see her fine form and accept willingly this knew norm.

I cannot say I have loved any greater Thani do this day.

Loving this wonderful woman, my friend, what more can I say.

I thank you

Oh, yes, and Amen



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