Hello, under gray skies


Under gray skies as earth trembles under my feet, I return to you.

Pestilence and blood rivers are unnecessary to sway my journey toward you.

A firm whack across the back of my head brings no more redirection

Humbled, kneeling and praying I’m ready for the next direction.

I thank you

Hours passing between slumbers release and exhaustions finale mile.

Strung between selfish desires and others needs, wanting your peace all the while.

Seeking new streams of financial rewards, while your answers fill each 

A little to focused on worldly needs, not what you need from me most.

I thank you

Grateful to your wonderful love for providing such peace.

Listening now as pattering drops of moisture erase sounds from the street.

Winds shushing though wrestles leaves seeking to silence the day.

Rumbling flashes dashing codes across a welcome night sky.

I thank you.

Oh, and amen



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