VE Day

Stiff grew the breeze in the face of liberties ships.

Struggling with evil as strangers, now friends she equipped.

Suffering loss on islands and seas, those taken shed set free.

Slings and arrows given way to rockets and rifles in her holds you see.

Surging tides of war at any cost, turning victory from loss.

Staging landings, slugging through hedgerows, overhead silk flows.

Sorrow nations faces holds still for a passing generation won with their will.

Standing on shore, mountains and ships, they crossed under fire in a great many ships.

Slipping through clouds angry and black, under silk booted feet to earth slip.

Slogging, slugging, soothing freedoms wounds, a people united, defeating tyrannies own.

Stoic they stand, those who fought quite grand, saluting those who still hold onto this land.

Stones white, crossed and stared, linking out future to a past that still haunts.

Swinging, swaying flapping in the breeze, fifty stars on blue, red and white strips with tears.

Saying nothing, reveals so much more, when we see those who against evil leveled the score.

Sore and struggling they pass faster than before, thanking each for service, none, to ignore.

So here I stand, hat in hand, tear filled eyes with gratitude and grief.

Sending my prayers, my families thanks, for generations to come, the greatest soon will pass.

Separated from us, their memories live on, where walls once stood, liberty holds our troops.

Simple is the heart that offers its all, for freedoms last call, remember them all.



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