Hello, spent from a day


Spent from a day chasing events and rounding up information others sent, I return to you.

Though we find the time in the darkness to pray with out a rhyme.

Still, on these pages I seek our discussions renewal.

Continually, holding this door wide open for your will to me fill.

I thank you.

Difficult, often is each words formation.

Bound by frustration and anxieties narration.

Still you listen, silently, as I speak.

Sometimes, long after I finish, sometimes before I can, revealed are answers I seek.

I thank you.

Understanding of this struggle I see in others eyes.

As my loves desire from painless nights cries.

Swept from our daily needs what yesterday was pressing.

Confounded by others greater hopes, here you help us cope.

I thank you.

My best friend, my love seeks healing’s end each pain.

For Amy, pains frustration to lift, healing on her should fall like rain.

For Ron, and Dee and others in need, your hands spread peace for them to see.

No name forgotten, as your work, our futures begotten, born in faith.

I thank you.

Rest this night against my own troubling fight.

Take from me this burden, if your will, this night.

Regardless the struggle,men nearer you grow in my sight.

A soul fills with delight as my hearts leaps at your might.

I thank you

Oh, and Amen



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