Hello, so busy with living


So busy with living each day, in prayer, in deeds, in needs, I return to you.

Reflecting on this cancer year passing.

Looking forward to cancer free days ahead.

Accepting each new trial, welcoming this closer walk with you.

I thank you.

Hours spent in prayer, giving greater understanding of why we are here.

Hours spent searching for moments of peace builds our hope.

Hours, reluctantly released to days in hospital suites.

Hours, grinding down our will, till yours our lives refill.

I thank you.

Tonight we seek your heart.

Tonight we hold each other as at the start.

Tonight we pray for others not just us.

Tonight we thank you for healing our friends without a great fuss.

I thank you.

Today, we pray.

Today, knowing it’s the only way.

Today, not like yesterday, our faith will not stray.

Today, of your healing to others we’ll say.

I thank you.

Tomorrow, may never come.

Tomorrow, may see us on the run.

Tomorrow, our witness may be seen by some.

Tomorrow, our race may be done.

I thank you.

Now, I see your will unfolding.

Now, I hear your voice upon the wind.

Now, I understand where we are going.

Now, I realize, not the path but trek is where you begin.

I thank you

Oh, and Amen



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