Hello, bound and determined


Bound and determined to succeed, I’m back.

Regardless the challenge, God, You are my rock.

You are the healer of my loves Cancer.

Thew great and awesome savior, My Lord.

I thank you

having spent the day with my love in your cathedral.

Walking between your growing spires.

Wading in your flowing baptismals.

Shared hopes with the nights living chorus.

I thank you

No better time to see your glory.

No better way to hear your voice.

No better way to understand your purpose.

No better hour than these to witness your peace.

I thank you

watching her smile grow with each new country road.

Watching her anxieties flea before peaceful pastoral scenes.

Watching her proudly tell other how long she’s been cancer free.

Watching her stride along wooded trails talking of future tales.

I thank you

Oh, and amen



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