Hello, it is possible


It is possible to understand better through suffering loves rewards, I’m back.

Knowing that trouble fills life’s walk but isn’t its only facet.

It becomes evident when we see the world as a journey, a journey of faith..

Witnessing others living through adversity praising Gods name, it’s not a game.

I thank you

Reason fills the void between hurt and want, longing for discernments wisdom.

Witness to another’s pains as yours grow with theirs, unrestrained.

Standing beside, wanting to climb inside their pains, tears flowing like rain.

Rewarding their joy, like a child with a new toy, nothing measures so well a faith journeyed well.

I thank you

Finding your love warming our darkest night.

Finding your hope winning our long fight.

Finding this trek in trials wake worth it’s weight in faith.

Finding you were there all the while, even through the last mile.

I thank you

Healing, hoping and hearing your words.

Here we stand gathering on this earth.

Hearing what others fear most, letting you be our guide post.

Heaven filling glorious and true, replacing our fears with this love of you.

I thank you

Oh, and amen



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