Hello, finding the heart f a child


Finding the heart of a child troubled and hurting, I return to you.

Fearful she’s broken, God made, that way, she cries.

My love cherishing her loving moments heartbroken by a child’s anguish.

Anger, frustration bursting from her lips, still inside a child’s heart beating on this trip.

I thank you

Not knowing the reasons for my loves cancerous fight.

Not knowing why our little one sufferers throughout this fright.

Not knowing how we help those we love hurting in this night.

Not knowing you are already healing each with these prayers as they stumble to your light.

I thank you.

A mother cries for a struggling child.

A mother sighs with frustrations continual fight.

A mother sees her own fears in a child’s eyes.

A mother knows Gods answers and will not be denied.

I thank you.

Answers for the body come in signals from the brain.

Answers for the heart nervously arrive quite the same.

Answers for the soul are bound by struggles and often us drain.

Answers for the mind, are filtered by humanities claims.

I thank you.

On a night when hearts leap from their chests.

On a night when struggling we give our bests.

On a night as your words fill my heart.

On a night when I know, this is where you start.

I thank you.

Already, seen, your hands are at work.

Already, in my love, curing, healing continually at work.

Already, in my Bug, restoring your peace, untangling our mess, I see you at work.

Already, in the heart of a mother, helping her recover, understanding you’re at work.

I thank you.

Others see this struggle, each that we face.

Others hear here our anguish and see us grapple in life’s race.

Others wonder why we return to you day and night.

Others soon learn, with out you, we have no fight.

I thank you.

Tonight I find greater need for your touch in this hour.

Tonight I find greater want to share your healing power.

Tonight I find greater hope in your peace for this families needs.

Tonight I find greater release as your words fill this heart and I witness your deeds.

I thank you.

Keep my loves close to your heart.

Keep them safe from the fears that here start.

Keep each child of your creation on a path to door of salvation.

Keep us focused on your will, you know our hearts best for you still.

I thank you

Oh, and Amen



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