Hello, with a willing heart, seeking


With a willing heart, seeking seeking others needs, I return to you.

Sometime between dusk and dawn, dreams rumble through my slumber is seems.

Ravaging peace, like a spring storm, they reap the hope from my sleep.

Bent on recovering nights without fears hovering, I seek your will not mine.

I thank you.

Unfounded fears of loss to hates cheers, steal waking hours from mr it seems.

Striving to achieve for my love and others needs, I relinquish reasons rope.

Reality is cursed for those trapped in life’s verse.

Adding refrain after refrain, till sanity refills my heart again.

I thank you.

Seemingly endless streams of your thoughts filling my heart with others needs.

Watching failures and success,McMaster each other aside with unrest.

Fruitful discussions, bearing discerning revelations cascade through my days.

Kneeling to pray, for my love and others each day, your will fills mine and I cry.

I thank you.

Will I be the vessel to carry your message?

Or stand by as you share with those whom I care?

What can this be, these words found here from you to me?

Not my will but thine lord, fill my cup up lord.

I thank you

As my love heals, and with a few reconstructive surgeries deals, I return.

I return, each minute, to learn what nugget of wisdom for me is in it.

Teaching, being taught, offering and receiving, your loving peace continually sought.

Stay with me, fill me, comfort me, as you do my love, my friends and my enemies.

I thank you

I go back to the hour you first filled me with writings power.

Here with your grace, humbled without vanities trace.

Accepting thus charge, not fearing what they bring.

Allowing me in cracked voice to sing.

I thank you

Oh, and amen



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