Humbled, from these knees I call

Humbled, from these knees I call.

Call on your glory to remove these trials.

Where flesh is a bartering tool, fears charge is doubled.

Evil fills the hearts in this land.

Yet, not your face can we see.

There, the rock of eternities birth remains.

Silent to these inquiries we’ve made.

Still this anger before it consumes us.

We pray.

Today we wait, perched between want and desire.

Great come the blessings as your message is made clearer.

Silent are the winds from heaven blowing.

Till, just now…

A new direction I’m going. 

Going with praise in my heart.

Fear here cannot start, for faith carries me through this part.

Passing into evil hands, a people in a destitute land.

Headless their numbers grow.

Their faith in death they show.

Still, I listen and wait.

Your will on new winds fill this place.

No date for an anticipated return.

Sifted by times razor like mesh.

Listening for faiths words to fill this chest.

You know best.



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