Hello, reticent to approach


Reticent to approach with out relinquishing my hold, still, I return to you.

Entertaining ideals that humanity feels empowered by to ignore your will.

While refraining from adopting foolish perceptions of healing through earthly remedies.

Humbled, kneeling to your desires I acquiesce, for my souls keeper is stronger than I.

I thank you.

Never since a child, have I so helpless been.

Chagrined to accept your help, your guidance.

Till, besieged by sins hordes, my will to you released.

Stripped of pride, but girded by your armor, before them I now Stanford.

I thank you.

Carry my love as you do me.

Through this hell on earth till you return.

Allow us to enjoy these valleys of peace between the peaks of perdition.

Continually whispering all is forgiven, forgotten and fulfilled.

 I thank you

Oh, and amen



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