Hello, in this emotional minefield


In this emotional minefield if recovery and setback I return to you.

Not so grand are the issues facing her now, life, death, the pains of treatments power.

Still, decisions if needs verses wants and ability versions reason, challenge her thoughts.

Not to soon will her finale surgeries pass, not to soon for liking, but soon.

I thank you

Hearing others emotional skirmishes, waged with fragile nerves on tender bodies of hope.

Hearing her blessings shared with others who care, but unable to console.

Hearing your words from her lips and friends in the same cancer ship.

Hearing each praise for breath on a new day looking back at a new self image.

I thank you

Coveting what was for these I truly love.

Coveting heavens caress I the healing and release from duress.

Coveting good will for new fighters struggling to understand this war.

Coveting what will be for these I love and those we come to know.

I thank you

Gather your Angels.

Gather your blessings.

Gather your songs.

Gather your will to carry on.

I thank you.

Not since her first days have we felt you so near.

Not since the hours in wildfires curing injections has your spirit been so near.

Not since long nights recovering from repeated surgical removals has your will been so clear.

Not since we found others needing to hear your hope have we seen faiths reward so clear.

I thank you

Coming now to this place humbled we kneel.

Coming through countless trials waiting for as we heal.

Coming to your place of agape love with each fear together we deal.

Coming under your gaze knowing nothing will take away from us how we for you feel.

I thank you

Oh, and amen



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