Hello, pained by self doubt


Pained by self doubt and foolishly following money, not your will, I’m back.

As her cancer fears fade, as reconstruction looms, we walk an unsteady path.

In a prayer, breathing for relief in your peace, hands guiding us revealing our trials.

You, before us, stand reminding us, faith is the only plan, then smile.

I thank you

Watching our friends celebrate a year without cancer.

Hearing another sing that wildfire will not fill her veins.

Watching the face of one talk about a brother, taken by cancer grip.

We are blessed, to not be alone, with friends and you.

I thank you.

Yes I want to ask why.

Then I remember, some questions are better unanswered.

Answers beget more questions, and reasons, lead to more prayers.

Humbled by the answers already in my grasp, praying with my last gasp.

Continually, praising your name, regardless what fools may claim.

I thank you

Guide me in my career.

Guide us as we dig deeper for your wisdom to hear.

Guide us in how we react.

Guide us that our feelings won’t make us from others retract.

I thank you.

Blessed by the cooling night breeze.

Blessed to hear my love hum a song in church today we did sing.

Blessed to have parents, we both, that love and live for you the most.

Blessed, for healing, helping  and hope..yes, Hope.

I thank you

Oh, and Amen



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