Hello, under the watchful eyes


Under the watchful eyes of lightning filled skies I return to,you.

In awe of this storm which swirls and swells between old and new norms.

Awash in your wind ravaging change, reveling in each beginning new game of hope tamed.

Stilled by your humbling breath, settled in a place, longings quenched.

I thank you.

Ever have there been two wandered in need of your storm calming words, we are them.

Given to wanting more than we need, in keeping we try your will to heed.

Still, wanting your healing, not heeling to earthly desires.

Mired in distrust, hopes flames, humanities storms cannot drench.

I thank you

Patience with me us inspiring, so much invested, and still more trying.

Holding her healing form, listening to you calming the hearts storms.

Astounded at a worked u willing to claim your love.

Simple is the charge you offer, we accept, and share with each new caring love.

I thank you

Understanding my words before each finds this page.

Understanding my wants for others before spoken in frustrations rage.

Understanding,Mathis life is forfeit for her health and wellbeing.

Understanding all this you knew before I could tell you.

I thank you.

Once when sadness filled me with loss.

Once when pains and depression almost this life cost.

Once when for greed all futures where forfeit.

Once on me you gambled all and gave your life for it.

I thank you.

Now as my friend Amy finds your hands healing her hurt.

Now as my wife Teena sees your future unearned begging to churn.

Now as our world fills with new friends and old hopes.

Now I see how without you we could not cope.

I thank you

Be with our family as we grieve over loss.

Be with our friends as they pay sins cost.

Be with our career choices as you guide our next choice.

Be with our sleep as nightmares fear this threshold to cross.

I thank you

Oh, and Amen



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