Hello, witnessing strains in life


Witnessing strains in life’s ongoing chain, I return to you.

Once I called on you, in arrogance and selfishness.

Expecting unearned, release from anger and frustration, only to realize…

Realize, your grace, is sufficient, and unearnable.

I thank you

What I could not expect is this live from you I still get.

Regardless my failures, granting me life with this wonderful woman, my friend, my wife.

Still, charged by my sin, forgiven within you heart, continually a new start.

Holding your hand, hers, as we walk through pains homeland.

I thank you

Strangers can see, you love in her and me.

Regardless the strain, the life pains, yours fill our debt, what more can you get.

Forgive my continued arrogance, as I seek in prayer your mercy seat.

Release these demons of doubt, return understanding, giving me your words to shout.

I thank you

She grows closer to completing this cancerous journey.

Strength in her eyes, from her smile, your glory in her laugh.

Never has one man known such humbling love than this.

Unworthy an I, if you or her, pray give me strength to be as you both need.

I thank you

Thank you for sharing your thoughts in words to me.

Yes in the deepest night I hear you sigh and comfort me.

When all is chaos your fingers cares my soul with peace, stoping this shivering heart in me.

See, seeing what I cannot, you bless me with all I can for you be, yes me.

I thank you

Settling this mind for slumbers rest this night.

Settling this heart to renew for a mornings flight.

Settling this soul for us restless wanderings in an earthly fight.

Settling this human form so rested I can work to your delight.

I thank you

Oh, and amen



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