Hello, yesterday weighs heavy


Yesterday weighs heavy in this weary heart as I return to you.

Wanting the peace that was, but will be no more.

Understanding greater still is the peace you’ll give.

Though longing for the country quite and loving solitude of your love.

I thank you

Another doctors office, another discussion, of how,why and what.

Yes, we move forward, but the expression on her face breaks this heart.

She knows what follows isn’t pleasant, but for her sanity must be.

Grant me the words and actions to assist her in each new step in healing from cancer.

I thank you

Here in this place where I belong, questioning my own resolve.

Here, yes here I will remain, regardless the pain, till you move me.

Here, praising your name in the presence all who will listen.

She suffers, though she will not let others see how much, string is her heart.

I thank you

Sleep eludes me as a night shift hangs tenaciously to my minds folds.

Relentless is its presence as I stretch between slumber and despair.

Because I know you care, and will carry us through, this to shall pass.

Into your hands our lives are committed, into your will we seek to remain.

I thank you

Oh, and amen



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