Hello, stars fill the skies


Stars fill the skies as my tour returns me to you.

In this trip around the sun finding peace and a little fun.

Watching nights stars guiding the moon from afar.

Seeing her blaze a shining lake trail where dreams cannot fail.

I thank you

Offering up this souls discourse.

Releasing humilities last course.

Tendering payment of those who cannot.

Weeping for those who will not.

I thank you

Chosen for me as I chose you, this path.

Words fill this heart at hours I least sought.

Shared for those who need, and are quite lost.

For Slumbering loves and pain filled hearts, each brought.

I thank you

Could there be a greater reward.

Than knowing one heart reads knowing for them these are a record.

Hearing those once wheeling, now singing your praise.

Not from my words on this page, but your will in them that they embrace.

I thank you

Once on this page these letters arranged.

Solace and simple thoughts not disgrace.

Gathered for her, and her, and for him.

Each a report, a request, this hearts requiem.

I thank you

Guide us now as we take his next step.

Carry us well over the chasms of despair.

 Without fail we find each trek harder than the last.

Still knowing each soon will pass.

I thank you

As we prepare for home and our return.

We know of others for which wildfire will soon burn.

Hearing of others just released from the knife.

For they and others we seek your peace on this night.

I thank you

Oh, and Amen

W.A. Manning


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