Hello, a day spent casting for hopes

A day spent casting for hopes in the waterways of our lives, I return to you.
Back from wadding streams searching for things.
Finished with a myriad of catches and cleanings, things not now so important.
Back, to the needs of my live, my friends and my work.
I thank you
Pondering living questions amid dead stones.
Walking along marbled memories of those unknown.
Castigated by forgotten needs of those now futile deeds.
Understanding breath fulfills our first hope, for everything else prayer helps us cope.
I thank you
Wind whispers across rippled waters gathering dreams in droplets for nights streams.
Slapping against ageless shores waves of wants call for more.
Crashing, gurgling sweeping away time, each flowing eddies clears heart and minds.
Open, we share, open we learn, open we heal, closed we burn.
I thank you
High atop this world in the haze.
Listening, unseen, as high creatures graze.
Ferreting images from a fertile mind, reordering chaos’ madness, ordered and sane.
Futility swells, till pride it fells, reality returns, together we learn.
I thank you
Bringing me this far.
Carrying my heart.
Healing her from the start.
Giving me this peace.
I thank you
Oh, and Amen






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