Hello, empty of anxieties defeatist rants

Empty of anxieties defeatist rants I return to you.
Seeing others fading the heat of humanities angry barbs.
Hearing persistence rallying hope in a faithful stand
Wiping trepidations perspiration from a knowing brow.
I thank you
Regardless the pursuit or goal.
Regardless the circumstances or outcome.
Regardless others demeaning and destructive recriminations.
Regardless exhaustions tormenting cries to halt.
I thank you
Hours before I knew your name.
Hours before your victory in my ears rang.
Hours before I knew I’d need you.
Hours before I cared, you knew.
I thank you
Watching my love learn and with wildfire burn.
Watching her fears realized then rep,aced.
Watching your healing dealing with this cancer.
Watching knowing talking with you more than prayer is the answer.
I thank you
Yes, humbled before you I remain.
Yes, in these trenches for her and others calling on your name.
Yes, when few held fast to your path.
Yes, more than once I gave into frustrations wrath.
I thank you
Oh, and amen

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