Hello, hammering out a Responce

Hammering out a responce to this world I return to you.
Filling this day with your praises.
Filling this night with your peace.
Seeking your healing touch for my wife our friend.
I thank you
Straining for confirmation of each choice.
Struggling to use your words with my voice.
Surging into new and old trials.
Sifting worldly wants for your will, closer to you each mile.
I thank you
Quite fills my thoughts with hope.
Few, find old fears pulling on tears from this year.
This heart starts, then the body, quivering, crying, for my love.
Then, as quickly as the emotional torrent appears, it’s gone.
I thank you.
Rock of ages, the Great I Am, Abba, Lord.
Your names are as varied as the opportunity to be your witness.
Grant me the peace to take these lessons to others.
Show me, strengthen me, fill me with understanding and love.
I thank you
She, stronger each day, nears her next surgical trial.
Willing but not, she looks at what she’s got.
Seeing others pains just beginning, she cries.
Still she tries to walk upright, unbowed by the burdens.
I thank you
May my heart as strong as hers be.
May my walk as straight as hers be.
May my words as sweet as hers be.
May my love for you as strong as hers be.
I thank you
Oh, and Amen

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