Reading the fear

Reading the fear in your lines, tears in these tired eyes find.
For the ones who deeply care, helpless and hurting, watching struggling with despair.
There, standing still, for these I write, of passions, poisons and perils to fight.
End each session anxiously the next await, with prayer and faith for sanities sake.
I understand your plight, you and your husband share, and we too care.
Fear fosters failure, love redemption as prayer feeds faiths fires not defeats pyres.
Simple is this choice made for you, weary already some stumbling you’ll do.
Guided once now others follow, accept this wish our prayer for your new endeavor.
Love heals a broken heart, faith restores each broken part.
Sharing your trek, each trial and truth reflects the life cancer seeks to wreck.
Struggling in slumber, flesh and follicles rendered, this heart for you is tender.
Watching as your climb unwitting souls take heed, defeat flees your mind.
No paths to steep, valley too narrow, depth to dark, faith cannot play a part.
Hold fast my friends, prayers only just begun, soon this cancer will be on the run.

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