Hello, from a home

From a home filled with great love, to you I return.
Praying through the pains a friend finds in cancers new run.
Crying for the frustrations and fears a families found.
Praise for your healing and the love which surrounds.
I thank you
Weary from this journey another we undertake.
Unable to sleep fearing something, us will overtake.
Realizing your plan is greater than where is stand.
Accepting your wish, nothing in this life will we miss.
I thank you
Hope springs from your trials.
Love from all the payer miles.
Fear fades into memories well.
Your story, ours, we willingly tell.
I thank you
Before we take slumbers first test.
Carry from me this burden from my chest.
This pain for my love, a friend and foes.
Heal each body, each heart, spirit where faith grows.
I thank you
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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